Sunday, August 21, 2016

Altered Egg boxes

Hi all
Been busy here in Bahrain and the weather is very very hot but I did find time to create a few things but just not had the time to post.
I have some altered egg cartons to show you, these I will be taking to Cyprus with me as when I collect my fresh eggs they give you them in a bag elk also I wanted something different to collect mine in.

These mixed media cartons are made with Dylusions paints,stencil and bird images which just happen to be my favourites ohh lots of doodling to, just loved getting these together and hope you like them.

Forgive me if my posts look a bit funny for the time being I am trying to get use to uploading on my iPad and iPhone and it's not an easy task till you get use to it.

All for now have a great day/night all.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Paperartys new cards

Hi Everyone.

Things have been busy here and next week is going to get a lot more hectic as I have full classes already booked, copic colouring, mixed media and journaling whooo busy busy busy.

Today I have a couple more cards to show you using Paperartsy stamps and coloured with Copic pens.

Brian is a lot better this week and back into the swing of things, the cancer treatment takes it out of him for the first few weeks but his next one is not until July so he has a bit of a rest-bite so going out for dinner tonight and so looking forward to it might even have a glass or two heheh.

Have a great day all.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Paperartsy Stamps

Hi Everyone

Paperartsy are my all new favorite stamps at the moment, I just cannot get enough of them, so here are my latest makes with them.

I have promised myself to post more but as you know life gets in the way sometime but I will post once a week or more if I can as I have a lot to share with you, and I have missed my blog.

I have been busy doing journaling pages, copic cards and mixed media classes and will be sharing with you some of the things I have been creating in class.

I love passing on what I have learnt over the years and hopefully it will help others and its such a great feeling to see someone create and love what they have done.

Have a great day all x

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Back from a year away

Hi Everyone

It's been a long time since I posted wow a year, time goes fast, I have been busy going to UK alot with my hubby Brain who has not been well at all and when permitting teaching class's at my local craft store.

Brain's cancer has spread much more now it has gone into his bones, he has started Radiionuclide therpy so was radio active for a little while, the treatment went well but he does have certain side effects plus he gets very very tired.

On the up side we are staying very positive and he has now gone back to work as that keeps him going, you cannot keep him down at all and he feels happy about that. 

He has treatment every 3 months for a year so back and forth to UK
I cannot see him in hospital as no one is allowed in his room because of the radiation so I have to do a little shop for 5 days keeps my mind off worrying ( well for a little time anyways).

Craft side

I have done quiet a few different things, journals, knitting, canvases, painting and making books. I will posts when I can but first I must download from my iphone as all my work is on there.
I will try and get a post up by the weekend.

I am now going to visit your blogs and see what you have all been up to.

Thanks for all the messages I have been receiving it warms my heart to know so many people care. 

Have a great day all.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

She had the world

Afternoon everyone

Lovely day here in Bahrain and I am sat in my craft room with all the doors open, we just have a cool breeze today, wondeful.

Today I have a canvas to show you, I have been doing the She Art Workshops by Christy Tomlinson and I am loving it.

My canvas I did this morning which is inspired by her guest designer Junelle Jacobson, I love the fact that this has lots of dimension to it. The dress is made of rolled up paper and modge podge onto the canvas, I also added the lace, as you all know I love a bit of lace and thought the effect was very good .
A light coat of paint wash on the skirt a bit of doodling, stenciling and stamping on the canvas,hey presto we are finished, oh a couple of hearts in red to make it pop and a sentiment which reads She had the whole world at her finger tips and at the bottom Superstar.

Cannot wait to start my next one which is with Polymer Clay ohhh how exciting.

That's all for now and have a lovely day everyone.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

She girl

Hi Everyone

Today I have a canvas to show you, I am taking a workshop with Christy who does she art and I am loving it.

The canvas had been decoupage first then inked, painted, stamp, and doodled.

This is my first one and cannot wait to start the next one, love how my face came out.

Hope you like it, back to the craft room now as I have lots of tags to get finished and sort my classes out for tomorrow and rest of the week.

Thanks for popping in to see me, love your visits.

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dylusions tags

Hi Everyone

Beautiful day here in Bahrain and just got back from shopping and having coffee with my lovely hubby oh and cake of course :-)

Today I have some tags to show you I made yesterday, I used Dylusions inks, stamps and sayings and doodled with a sharpie pen.

I coloured the images first then stuck them to my tags which I first inked and doodled.

I loved they way these turned out, they are samples for the shop, off to do more now.

Thanks for popping in to see I appreciate your comments and love to see you.

Have a great day all.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Couple of canvas's

Hi Everyone

It's good to be back after the little break from my blog, it was a very busy Christmas as I had friends staying and craft fairs ( did very well and made a bit of cash and it all helps to buy more craft stuff).

Fantastic New Year, I have got a few people booked to do a few workshops with me, two canvas I am showing today I will be teaching in the craft shop here this week so very busy here again but I love it.

This is made with Dylusions inks and paper butterflys

The second on is decoupage, paint, inks, stamps and hand drawn heart and words printed on tissue paper..

 I went round the heart with a black sharpie to make it stand out adding inks and paint in different areas.

Hope you like them, so a very busy day tomorrow and look forward to teaching these two canvas's.

See you all later as I have to make sausage rolls now well my hubby is making them under supervision lol.

Have a great day all.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What a month

Hi Everyone

Well what a month it has been!! Got back from a great hol and the next day Brian falls at work and cracked his ribs hes been in agony and limited use of his left arm as he damaged that as well so Linda has the nurses head back on again.

He spent 2 days in hospital over the other side of the island and limited parking sheesh all I need, that was trial in its self, finding a parking space, then I got lost in the hospital lol, finally found Brian and he's hungry and thirsty ( I think they forgot he was there) but I had supplies with me :-) it never happened again after I had words.

Just got him back home hes doing ok but in a lot of pain, the meds kick in quiet soon.

On top of all this the craft fair is in 10 days and I am no where near finished getting things ready agggg. Now if I did not moan so much I would get more done lol

So here's a few I have got done.

Plain and simple tags is what I have been asked for so this is what I came up with, I had forgotten these stamps and found them in my box.

 Of course my cards decorated on the inside too.

New image for this year

Hope you like, off to finish making dinner, then I shall be over to look at your blogs as it has been far too long.

Have a great day all.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No crafting

Hi Everyone

Not posted for ages as I have been busy clearing my craft room out as I am having a new split A/C fitted so that means taking the old wall one out and blocking up the hole waiting ages for it to dry out then painted plus having new white units made, have to wait for those too as the company of the compound is making them agggg.

My house is in a total tip as all my craft stuff is in my lounge we just have enough room on the dinning table to eat lol.

I decided this is a great time to have a sort out but the only thing I have got rid of so far is a scrap of paper, stop the hording Linda and get rid of some stuff I say to myself lol.

I am posting this journal page, I have yet to finish it but I did find some art supplies on the dining table so I just might get it finished.

I would like to think my drawing is improving! to say I could not draw a thing when I started this year practice practice and so I do lol.

Oh well back to the sorting.

I hope the work is finished by the 24th and my house is back to normal before I go to Cyprus I would hate to come back and have to start on that again.

Have a great day all and I shall see you later.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Painted Girl

Hi Everyone

A picture I did this week.

I drew the girl and hair in pencil when I was happy with that I went round again in a black pitt pen, then coloured her.

I did the background with different coloured gelatos mixing each one into the next one as I went along.

I stenciled the butterfly's, adding more colour as I went along, then doodled on each one.

The butterfly is tissue paper from TH I cut out and stuck then coloured.

I finished with text stamps and more doodles.

I have been asked to do one on canvas but with fish and a blue green background so she looks like she is in the sea ummm .

 Its ok doing it for me but when you do one for someone else that's a different thing altogether. I will let you know how it comes out.

Thanks for popping in to see me I love your visits and your comments too.

Have a great day all and I will see you soon.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Canvas

Afternoon All

 Today I have a canvas to show you, this is mixed media and decoupage.

I first used gesso and left the brush marks showing than torn scraps of paper and added randomly on the canvas adding layer of pale blue paint over the top. I decoupaged a flowered serviette on each side.

I did added a sun in the left corner but did not like it so I went over the top with layers of paint so it would still leave the out line but not the yellow. I added gorse to the canvas then another layer of paint but not very thick I still wanted the gorse to show through.

I used modeling paste through my butterfly stencil, drying each butterfly as I went along as not to smear.
Going back in with more blue, white and turquoise paint.

As I was going along adding more paint it dawned on me the outline of the paper looked like mountains so I went with it and enhanced these areas.

 I also used Pitt Pens and Pan Pastels is areas to make it pop and that's it!

I did not want to add anymore and lose the effect I had.

Wow I stood back and thought job well done Linda, I could never recreate this as it just evolved as I went along.

Hope you like it.

All for now and I shall see you all later.
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Good to be back

Hi Everyone

Well its good to be back,  I got back from my holiday in Cyprus and 3 days later went to the UK for a wedding, hubby surprised me with a ticket whoo was I delighted but so tired as it was only a 4 day trip but worth it.

Then I decided to take a break from blogging as I had so much work on and trying to complete my craft orders, getting my jewellery ready to be sold and blogging was getting to much plus hubby was not too well (he's ok now) so something had to go for a little while, well could not get rid of hubby lol and the other two makes me a bit of money so blogging it was but hey I'm back and all the above has been sorted whoo.

So what have I been doing? journal pages this week plus some class's.

Here's a couple of pages from my journal, hope you like them.

My second attempt I got a bit more adventurous and added doodled flowers, need more practice with those.

Thanks for popping in to see me I do appreciate it and I shall see you all later.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Domino necklace and going away

Hi All

 Altered domino necklace to show you today and I am so excited as I have sold it already whoo but I have to admit I wanted to keep it but I do have one so I cannot be greedy.

The domino first had drilled holes put in to where I wanted the rings to go, yes I do look funny with a drill in my hand but I managed to do it lol.

I used alcohol inks in lime green, pink and light brown on the sides and back to make a pattern like roses with leafs, I like out it turned out.

The back.

I had some roses paper which I stuck to the domino after inking the edges with distressing ink.

The whole thing was covered in gloss accents, this takes time as you can only do 1 side at a time.

After applying the gloss accents to the front you embellish at the same time, I used a flower from W/O and covered that with gloss accents and the bling I found in my junk box.

The necklace is made with pearls, ring bling and swarovski crystals with the same detail on the bottom.

Hope you like it too.


Berry71bleu - Photo Inspiration just love the rose one

Well no blog posts from me for the next 3 weeks as I leave for Cyprus on Wednesday whooooo so looking forward to relax and spending time with hubby and friends.

Keep crafting my friends and I shall be popping in when I can.

Thanks for popping in to see me I do appreciate your visits and comments, have a great day all.

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