Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DT for Praire Fairy and some holiday tip bits

Good Evening my blogging friends and I hope you all had a good Christmas, my Christmas was fantastic, seeing the grandkids and my family again after such a long time.

News Time

I have just found out I have been picked to be on the Praire Fairy DT I am so very excited!!! I can't wait to begin working along with the other fantastic team members. I know you'll want to join in on the upcoming challenges and you can shop at Roberta's Digi Store too. Her images are so adorable, go check it out and find loads of yummy things- she still has a couple of freebies available for download! So excited!!!

Christmas in the UK

The weather was the pits and I was so cold most of the time brrrr at first the snow was lovely as I had not seen the stuff for such a long time, that did not last long as it turns to horrible mush, I even made a snowman for the kids, with their help of course!!! then I had a relapse and had to have a glass of wine aggggg holidays are so tiring lol.
Went on a trip in the car with the family and on the way back got stuck in a really bad snowstorm on the motorway, so a 50 minute trip took 6 hours aggg was losing the will to live but then I remembered I had bought DH ( he was ill and did not go) some chocolates so I just had to eat them lol, more of my trip later as I have so much news.


I passed I passed such a relive all that hard work has paid off and no more studying (more time to make cards and so forth heheheh)
I am now the proud owner, very proud, of my Bachelor of Science, in Maths, Computing and the Environment, yahoooooooooo, I just have to arrange to go for the ceremony in the UK sometime this year and don my cap and gown, a big thank you to all who supported me and listened to my moans lol.
All the family helped me celebrate with a big bottle of Moet Chandon hic hic and a large box of Chocolates yummy.

Lastly I would like to thank everyone for their emails and cards regarding my hubby, I really do appreciate your kind thoughts and sincere wishes for him at this time.

He starts his first cemo therapy tomorrow (it also happens to be our 20th wedding anniversary too ) but we are both very positive at the moment and will fight this long battle that lays ahead. Thank you again you really touch my heart.

All for now and shall be back later with a card (even found time to make a card or two on hols) that’s when I find my camera to take the picture, I do remember unpacking it but then the mind goes blank, most likely in the bread bin, fridge, who knows with me lol.

Oh nearly forgot to say keep checking back as I am holding a celebration blog candy, just have to get the stuff together and take a picture, when I find the camera lol.


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