Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What a month

Hi Everyone

Well what a month it has been!! Got back from a great hol and the next day Brian falls at work and cracked his ribs hes been in agony and limited use of his left arm as he damaged that as well so Linda has the nurses head back on again.

He spent 2 days in hospital over the other side of the island and limited parking sheesh all I need, that was trial in its self, finding a parking space, then I got lost in the hospital lol, finally found Brian and he's hungry and thirsty ( I think they forgot he was there) but I had supplies with me :-) it never happened again after I had words.

Just got him back home hes doing ok but in a lot of pain, the meds kick in quiet soon.

On top of all this the craft fair is in 10 days and I am no where near finished getting things ready agggg. Now if I did not moan so much I would get more done lol

So here's a few I have got done.

Plain and simple tags is what I have been asked for so this is what I came up with, I had forgotten these stamps and found them in my box.

 Of course my cards decorated on the inside too.

New image for this year

Hope you like, off to finish making dinner, then I shall be over to look at your blogs as it has been far too long.

Have a great day all.

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