Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No crafting

Hi Everyone

Not posted for ages as I have been busy clearing my craft room out as I am having a new split A/C fitted so that means taking the old wall one out and blocking up the hole waiting ages for it to dry out then painted plus having new white units made, have to wait for those too as the company of the compound is making them agggg.

My house is in a total tip as all my craft stuff is in my lounge we just have enough room on the dinning table to eat lol.

I decided this is a great time to have a sort out but the only thing I have got rid of so far is a scrap of paper, stop the hording Linda and get rid of some stuff I say to myself lol.

I am posting this journal page, I have yet to finish it but I did find some art supplies on the dining table so I just might get it finished.

I would like to think my drawing is improving! to say I could not draw a thing when I started this year practice practice and so I do lol.

Oh well back to the sorting.

I hope the work is finished by the 24th and my house is back to normal before I go to Cyprus I would hate to come back and have to start on that again.

Have a great day all and I shall see you later.

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