Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jewelery set and happy news today

 Hi all

Today I have a jewelery set to show you that I have just finished, I used chain, big blue beads, gold beads, pearls, swarovski crystals, key and lock, all connected with gold chain. The pendant was finished this week and its description is lower down with a close up photo.

The earrings are pearls, crystals, bead caps and gold chain at different lengths.

 Close up.

Earrings again on my new display stand, which I love, these are great when selling your treasured bits as people can see them better.

 The pendant is a blue carbochon (not easy to take a pic of because of the reflected light) first stick the carbochon to your desired material, you then sew the silk cord all around taking the next piece of silk cord you add the crystals in the middle and do the same with the pearls so all the layers have silk cord in between, On your last piece of cord you add your last crystals and peka, you can make any design you like and this is what I ended up with, not that I had this in mind it just went that way lol. when you have tided it all up you add leather to the back to make it look nice and a clean finish.

I am entering the challenge at Beading Friends Forever I hope to keep up with their challenges and I will try harder ekkkk but had a bit on my mind recently.

 Hope you like this creation and this will be going for sale in Saudi with my other collections when I get them finished ekkk.

Thanks for popping in to see me, just off to finish my cards now, all coloured and just to put together.

Oh some good news as well, Brian has been at the Royal Marsden in UK to see the professor for his cancer results and they came out good, yippy yippy been so stressed, the treatment he is having is keeping him stable, the cancer is still the same which is good news as it has not spread again but there is still no cure for this rare cancer but you never know how things go in this world and just take it day by day so all in all we are very happy today yippy.

A lot of people ask me what cancer it is, it is very hard to explain but it is called Neuroendocrine tumor metastatic to the liver carcinoid

I have left links before and I am happy to say this has helped people a lot,  I get a lot of emails with questions I am happy to answer but the link explains it better then I ever could.

Have a great day all

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Back on my blog

 Hi Everyone

Well it has been a few weeks since I blogged , I have had friends visiting from the UK it also happens to be my best mate I craft and shop with so it has been 2 months of bliss just crafting, shopping and dining out, her hubby just happens to be Brain best friend too so they just hung out and had a few beers in the garden chatted and a bit of DIY as men do.

I have also been busy with commission cards, baby headbands and class's so it's been full on here.

My card for today is one of the commission creations, one of many for a shop here, it is coloured with Copic and the image is from Penny Black.

This card also has a Baby headband attached to it that just slips off the card. It is made with quilting material and ribbon, the headband is made from elasticated ribbon to match, they are so easy to make and was perfect for this commission

 Another commission creation is a headband on it's own in lilac.

 This one is made from stretch lace and the flower is made from ribbon and pearls, hope you like them.

Well that's all for today and back into my craft room as I have wedding commissions to do now, if only I could find my wedding stamps I have no idea what I did with them and spent all day yesterday looking, I have a feeling I borrowed them to someone, so at this late stage I will have to go looking for digi ones, any ideas my friends?

I shall be round to see your creations later I bet you have all been busy bees.

Thanks for popping in to see me I do appreciate your visit's.

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