Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Canvas

Afternoon All

 Today I have a canvas to show you, this is mixed media and decoupage.

I first used gesso and left the brush marks showing than torn scraps of paper and added randomly on the canvas adding layer of pale blue paint over the top. I decoupaged a flowered serviette on each side.

I did added a sun in the left corner but did not like it so I went over the top with layers of paint so it would still leave the out line but not the yellow. I added gorse to the canvas then another layer of paint but not very thick I still wanted the gorse to show through.

I used modeling paste through my butterfly stencil, drying each butterfly as I went along as not to smear.
Going back in with more blue, white and turquoise paint.

As I was going along adding more paint it dawned on me the outline of the paper looked like mountains so I went with it and enhanced these areas.

 I also used Pitt Pens and Pan Pastels is areas to make it pop and that's it!

I did not want to add anymore and lose the effect I had.

Wow I stood back and thought job well done Linda, I could never recreate this as it just evolved as I went along.

Hope you like it.

All for now and I shall see you all later.
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Good to be back

Hi Everyone

Well its good to be back,  I got back from my holiday in Cyprus and 3 days later went to the UK for a wedding, hubby surprised me with a ticket whoo was I delighted but so tired as it was only a 4 day trip but worth it.

Then I decided to take a break from blogging as I had so much work on and trying to complete my craft orders, getting my jewellery ready to be sold and blogging was getting to much plus hubby was not too well (he's ok now) so something had to go for a little while, well could not get rid of hubby lol and the other two makes me a bit of money so blogging it was but hey I'm back and all the above has been sorted whoo.

So what have I been doing? journal pages this week plus some class's.

Here's a couple of pages from my journal, hope you like them.

My second attempt I got a bit more adventurous and added doodled flowers, need more practice with those.

Thanks for popping in to see me I do appreciate it and I shall see you all later.

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