Monday, December 16, 2013

Back in Blog land again

Hi Everyone

Christmas creations today.

I took some time off  from my blog after mum died as I just did have the heart to write anything but that does not mean I have not been busy, busy is not the word for it but it did kept my mind off things and now I feel like coming back to my blog and getting back into the swing of things.

Just some of my creations and these are what I sold at the craft fair I did a couple of weeks ago and I am pleased to say they all sold so well.

Mint rounds and Smartie Santa's with home made hat

Hershey Bars

All wrapped up with Christmas theme, took me ages to wrap 400 phew

Love this card

Thank you all for the messages and cards I received on the death of my mum it was greatly appreciated and meant a lot to me that so many of you cared. I found it very traumatic as I was not expecting it and I was in shock for quiet a time but I know she is at peace now and with my dad and she would not want me to be sad all the time, day by day I get better.

I am now going to make a coffee with a brandy as I have a stinker of a cold then popping round to see you all as I have missed you, thanks for popping in.

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