Saturday, November 22, 2008

Peel-off Tips Card and Scrapbook

Hello everyone,
I have just started this blog and I seem to have so much to post, so you will be seeing a lot in the same day, to start with I have two tips for you both using peel-off stickers.

1.Use low tack masking tape over peel off sheets to lift the wording, in order to apply it in a straight line on your card or scrapbook page.

2.Peel-off stickers make great stencils for your project’s, lay the sticker down gently onto the card or paper, but do not press too hard as this will permanently fix your sticker down. To make it less sticky just dab it on your clothes, Gently apply craft chalk and when finished carefully lift the sticker and you will be left with the image of your peel-off. This is especially useful for designing your own background papers or decorating card blanks and scrapbook pages. The same sticker can be used several times before it is no longer sticky.

Hope this is use full to you, and remember if you have any tips feel free to share with us all .

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