Sunday, January 25, 2009

Help needed

As some of you know I have just started stamping but I am having trouble with the filling in of colours, I use whisper pens and maybe some of you lovely ladies can help me. I have been doing a face today, so a darker colour for the edges and then with a paint brush and a little water blending into the middle but it looked like a muddy pile with a red bit in the middle for cheeks agggg.
Do I put the colour on the paper with the brush or the paint brush over the pen, or use all pen? or am I doing this total wrong, hope you understand that lol. I know their are some very talented blog ladies out there and I could use all the help I can get please.
Next I tried chalks this went ok but not really good for the fines lines. Tommorow I shall by some normal colouring pencils oh I do have water coloured pencils too, can Inuse these? just remembered them.
Got really frustrated so I made a card another baby girl one and I entered into the Caardvarks challenge blog which is called Polke Dots.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for linking to my candy and good luck in the draw.
By the way, I use Whispers pens sometimes and just put some of the ink on something non porous and use the same as watercolours.
Jen x

Vicki said...

I know what you are talking about, Linda! I have the same issues. I use several differnt mediums for my colors. I use chalks, colored pencils, and watercolor crayons from Stampin' Up. When I use the pencils, I blend with a Dove Blender pen. It is glycerin and blends much better than the waterbrush for me.

Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

Adorable card, Linda!
As for coloring..... I'm a Copics-a-holic. I LOVE Copics and they have a few pens that are different shades of skin colors. You can find them here
Hope this helps.

Sally said...

Gorgeous card!
I color my Marvy pens, which are something like whisper pens, on something non porous like a piece of plastic, old cd, or glass tile, then use a zip water brush to pick up the color. I start very light and then build up most of the time. If I am using water color pencils then I use my dove blender as it gives better control than water for me.

Also with the dye based inks or markers I use a versamarker watermark pen, being sure to blend the color on the palate before transfering it to my image. Hope this helps.

Donna said...

This is a fantastic card, so cute.
I love using whisper pens and marvy pens, I put some of the ink onto an acrylic block then use a paintbrush with water to pick up the ink, I would do this with quite a lot of water first when covering the image and then with little water when I am shading, with a bit of practise you'll soon pick it up. good luck. Donna x


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