Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tutorial for adding signiture to back of your card

Hi Everyone today I have a turorial for you as it is tutorial time at  Catch the Bug

Adding your signature and logo on the back of your cards using word.

I fold my card from top to bottom and use 6 x 6 size card

Open word and design your signature I used Scriptina size 24, for my logo I use a small black cat, sometimes a butterfly, you can find images on the internet the just resize it to fit, get the logo of your choice as close to your signature as possible, I like to keep it small but that is up to you.


Go to Page Layout then Size.

You will see a selection of sizes scroll down to the bottom and select More Paper sizes this will bring you to the Paper Page.

In the Width and Height column you put in the size of the card, in this case

Width 15cm

Height 28cm

Press ok

If you want your signiture at the bottom of the page just scroll it down
or maybe you want it in the center.

Technical term here, just fiddle with till your happy, personally I put mine at the botton and center it.

Dont forget to save and you can use this time and time again.

Just an example of what you can do with signature and logo, this signiture is the one I use for the shop where I sell my cards, everyone knows I am L. J . Design and a black cat.

There is extra details below the signiture, on this one, email and to let everyone know who buys my cards, that they are handmade, works for me as they seem to move ok and I get a lot of commisions by email and in the shop too.

Load your card in the printer, I just put one piece in to begin with as it is thick you have to help it through the printer.

I select print twenty, the first piece will not go through (at this stage have all your card ready) press ok at the printer to restart it and feed each piece through till you have done them all.

I hoped you like this tutorial and next time I will show how to do the same for a card folding left to right ohhh two coloums that one.

Thanks for popping in today even though I am late posting, just got my internet back, I have had the people in this morning and back this afternoon replacing wires.

Have a great day all.

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bumblebee creations said...

how neat-will have to try this technique!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I am going to do this:) Brenda

scrappindede said...

Thank you so much. Great tutorial.

Catherine said...

Thank you so much Linda ! I keep sticking labels I print on the back of my cards, I've got to try your way, it looks so much more professional ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine


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